Article Forge Review

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Article Forge – is this the best tool for cheap high-quality content? Content is still king and if you are running a website or websites and want them to rank higher in Search Engine Rankings, you need content, a lot of content. This is where software like Article Forge can do wonders for you.

Article Forge is not just a spinning tool, but also a great tool for research and for getting you a unique content in the shortest possible time.

Using its smart algorithms, this intelligent tool gives you thorough, detailed articles, written from a scratch. Here in this article, we will discuss why it is the best content generating/spinning tool available today. Or is it really the best tool? Read ahead and decide by yourself.

Table Of Contents

01. What Is Article Forge?
02. Article Forge – An Introduction
03. The Pricing
04. Is Article Forge Better Than Other Similar Tools?
05. Is It Simple to Use?
06. Pros Of Article Forge
07. Cons Of Article Forge
08. What Users Are Saying About Article Forge?
09. Is It Popular?
10. The Final Word

What Is Article Forge?

Article forge is one of the latest online tools, which actually writes whole articles for you, even if given a single keyword to write on. It uses its intelligence and research skills and gives you totally exclusive articles just within 30 seconds!

The articles are not just worded and placed to make the perfect sense and give flow to the sentences, but also pass Copyscape and other plagiarism detectors, making it seem like they’ve been penned by a person.

So, as you can see Article forge is not just a spinning tool, but a writer. It writes complete sentences using its own vocabulary. So, here we will analyze the features which make it the best amongst other such online products. We will base this review on the following questions:

  • How does Article Forge work?
  • How does it stand out from the rest?
  • What are the main advantages of this product?
  • What are the primary shortcomings of Article Forge?

Article Forge – An Introduction

Publish your WordPress web pages with ease and get SE optimized articles on a click! Article Forge is more than just a content generator, it is comparatively a more thorough and practical tool as it also relieves you of all SEO duties.

The best part, it barely takes half a minute to give you all that you need, and that too without any trace of plagiarism, with the very same quality as that of a pro writer.

The Pricing

Article Forge is available free for five days on a trial basis, and you can also avail the money back guarantee within 30 days. So, you can get your refund immediately on informing us if you don’t find the work in accordance to your needs.

Avail the special launch discount, and get the complete package for $47/month and an annual subscription for $297. If you work for the bulk content, you will find the monthly subscription the best, as it won’t leave you calculating the words and cost every time.

You can have unlimited content monthly or yearly, as you desire and get solid content, which will not disappoint you in any way. The final article created by Article Forge is comprehensive, grammatically correct and of the highest quality, and will not be caught on Copyscape in any way.

Is Article Forge Better Than Other Similar Tools?

Today, there are a number of web spinning, content generating tools available widely all over the market. Some help in correcting all grammatical errors and spinning better quality content, others work around the structure of the entire passages. So, what makes Article Forge different?

  • The basic element that distinguishes Article Forge from the other tools, is that it does not simply create text. It writes it, adding a personal touch to the sentences.
  • The articles can easily pass Copyscape as they are individually penned by the intelligent tools. This way the content is always genuine and original, right up to the end.
  • The final content does not require any editing or structural corrections.
  • It’s fast! Get the complete article just within 30 seconds in just one click!
  • It requires the minimal directions. You can even just give it a single word to work around, and it will give you the complete article, which will not just meet your word count, but also write perfectly structured sentences, using the right vocabulary and words where necessary and you will see the sentences make sense and are well-connected to each other, which is not what most of the other tools do.
  • It also looks up and adds videos, images, and headings where necessary on its own. That is, you get a complete blog, even if it is for the affiliate articles, entirely automated and comprehensively researched.
  • If you are worried about getting your article a unique, catchy headline or title, you needn’t worry with Article Forge. It automatically gives a great attention grabbing title to the article, so that your article will pop up in all the google searches and on all other search engines whenever a relevant topic is looked up.
  • Lastly, it also adds links to relevant articles/videos or blogs, where it finds relevant stuff to make your content stand out and to add a human touch to it. No one will ever doubt that this is the work of a software and not a human.

Is It Simple to Use?

Article Forge is designed for the amateurs and works on the ‘single click’ principle. You do not require any programming or proxies setting or knowledge to use this tool. Just a single click and voila!

However, still, if you have any inhibitions, you can always get the free trial version and see if you can get on board the Article writer with ease.

Article Forge – Automates All SEO Efforts

With this amazing tool, you can easily post your articles on all WordPress websites instantly, or you can even schedule posting as and whenever you desire.

It is more than just a spinner and writer, you can get a complete all-rounder tool which takes care of everything you need for all your blogs and website.

All this in the fastest possible time and at the highest quality!

Get Exclusive, ‘hand-written’ Content

You just need to give a specific keyword as your input and Article Forge will write a complete article around it. The final article is complete in all respects, with a suitable SE optimized heading, a relevant image and inclusive of all relevant details gathered by its smart research abilities.

It will always look as if it’s been written by a professional writer, and will always pass the Copyscape test! The best part about Article Forge is that it does not just merge the sentences or exclusive words together, but writes each sentence, converting the entire article in its own words. So, it always looks unique and written from a scratch.

Gives The Article Headings And Adds Relevant Graphics and External Links

Article Forge gives your text the required headline titles, adds external links to the other relevant blogs or articles and also other graphics which add to the essence of the overall article.

Need an affiliate article? No problem! Just a click and you get the article, complete with the outbound links, images, and videos all composed by the smart tool itself!

Tier 1 and Tier 2 Content

Generate different versions of an article and get over a thousand articles for the same keyword. You can get different variations of a single sentence/paragraph, super-spun together to get you a thousand different articles to post on different websites.

It has the ability to work for both Tier 1 as well as Tier 2 article content, using nested spinning and give you the best and highest quality work every time. Enjoy uniquely spun paragraphs and sentences with all the variation you want, and place it on different websites. Each sentence will maintain its individuality and appear to be hand-written and not copied off from anywhere.

You can compare each article, it will have different words, sentences as well as paragraphs, making it uniquely written in all aspects. So, be it one high-quality article or hundreds, you can have it all within seconds on Article Forge. You can make use of the five-day free trial and see how it goes. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can always get your money back, within 30 days of usage.

Pros Of Article Forge

As you can see from the above discussion, there are a number of benefits of this tool. It is a must have if you really need quality articles and have to meet the deadlines, ensuring plagiarism free good content.

Here’s a list of the pros of Article Forge for a quick review:

  • Writes an article within 30 seconds.
  • Totally exclusive, individually written content.
  • Thoroughly researched articles.
  • Videos, images, external links, etc. are added to the articles to make it all the more attention grabbing for your viewers.
  • The final article requires no amendments, corrections or changes.
  • Avail an unlimited number of articles on your monthly or annual packages.
  • Works on a single click, very easy to use and understand.
  • All articles are able to pass Copyscape and retain their originality.
  • You can avail a free five-day trial.
  • Posts articles on your blog sites whenever you desire on your behalf. Completely automated SEO optimized tool.
  • Available at discounted rates as a launch offer on both monthly and annual subscription packages.

Cons Of Article Forge

With such an amazing tool, it is quite hard to think of any cons. However, it may seem to be:

A bit pricey. However, compared to all the benefits, the pricing should not be an issue. It reaps far more benefits than it costs.

What Users Are Saying About Article Forge?

As you can see, everything seems to be right with Article forge. But, it all comes down to the actual users. All over the world, Article Forge is gaining immense popularity. Most of the users are satisfied with the service and results.

What the actual users say about a service is what actually determines how effective it is. Overall so far it has received a very positive response from users all over the world. People have tweeted and commented about the excellent service by Article Forge on its official Facebook page as well.

For instance, Mr. Gerard Buckley commented about the amazing customer service and support provided at every step by Article Forge.

Another user Jerome G. Sherman has reviewed the tool as being an improved version of Word Ai and feels satisfied by the content, grammar and the readability of the articles.

Still, there are others who have left satisfactory remarks about Article Forge and are downright impressed by its speed and quality.

So, a vast majority of the users are extremely happy and satisfied with the service. Article Forge itself is very active on Facebook and Twitter and stays directly connected with the users. It helps them resolve issues and get all their concerns addressed in the shortest possible time, as well as build a good rapport with them.

Is It Popular?

Article Forge, a relatively new tool in the market, is gaining momentum across the world. According to Alexa, initially it was not amongst the top 1 million websites, however, now the overall traffic has tremendously increased in last 6 months and it is amongst the top 100 thousand most visited websites in the world.

Article Forge has already entrenched the markets of United States, India, United Kingdom, France, and Canada.

According to the rankings on SimilarWeb, another widely accepted website ranking site, Article Forge has over 5.7 million visitors in October 2016. This leaves no doubts about Article Forge’s ever increasing following.

Moreover, the tool is very much appreciated and has gained popularity over social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and twitter.

The Final Word

In the age of automation, content spinning tools are becoming an increasing necessity. Although a few of the earlier tools, failed to deliver as promised, the users are increasingly looking for the better and improved versions.

This, in turn, is helping them get to the more advanced tools and Article Forge is one such tool which saves all the time involved in checking and verifying the content, as well as manually making changes to the article. The articles generated by Article Forge, require absolutely no changes or corrections.

Moreover, its ability to actively look up the relevant content, titles, images and videos makes things ever so easy for your blog site. You can just order it to write an article for you and have it published via autopilot either instantly or scheduled for later, however, you require.

Save up considerable time and cost involved in hiring a full-time writer and we guarantee you will love the results. Do give it a try, even if it’s the free 5-daytrial, you won’t be disappointed.