DeskTime Review

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Desktime Review – time tracker and performance booster for businesses transparency is one of the most crucial elements in a business. It’s a variable that holds key to success or failure of companies no matter how big or small they may be. Large companies have stumbled upon minor hiccups that arose due to lack of transparency.

Since accountability is such an important factor, every business looks for personnel and they try to equip themselves with the best possible options. However, we’re pretty sure that humans are not the most trustable machines for this job.

Hence, software for tracking and accountability has become so important today. Especially when your business depends on freelancers and remote workers, it is instrumental to have tracking tools to maintain transparency.

On the other hand of course, you might be wondering why would you own a software that specializes in tracking. Therefore, such a software must have qualities that make it suitable for getting more productive results out of the employee performance. It should ensure that the time your workers spend in front of their desktops or tabs or may be even smart phones is best utilized for the company’s interest.

We are introducing you to one such software here today that comes with the name of Desktime.

Table Of Contents

01. What Is Desktime?
02. Desktime – An Introduction
03. The Pricing
04. Is Desktime Better Than Other Similar Tools
05. Is It Simple To Use?
06. Pros Of Desktime
07. Cons Of Desktime
08. What Users Are Saying About Desktime?
09. Is It Popular?
10. The Final Word

What Is Desktime?

Desktime is a real time tracking software that tracks down the working hours of your employees. This software was introduced to businesses in 2004 and it comes from a group of experienced personnel from the IT industry.

Desktime has features that hold the key to your business success. It ensures that the time your employees spend at the office is properly utilized and they are being productive rather than procrastinators. Ultimately, you will see for yourself the positive results that will be inflicted through this software.

Based in Marupes, Latvia, Desktime has been serving some of the top businesses around the globe. It’s unique and reliable features have made it one of the leading time tracking software in the world.

Now we understand that you might be thinking: “Hang on! It’s just another time tracking tool so what’s the big deal?”

Well to find out why we are rating this tool so highly we suggest you stick around with us for the next few minutes.

Desktime – An Introduction

Desktime has got smart analyzing capabilities. It tracks down employee time through automated algorithms. It will note down all the apps and programs that you run and segregates them into sections as either Productive, non-productive or neutral.

This categorization ultimately gives you in-depth analysis of what’s going right and what should be improved for your business. To summarize and make it an easier reading for you, here is what you can do with Desktime:

  • Ensure better productivity through app tracking.
  • Track down how much time you spend on unneeded items and apps.
  • Give your employees a complete analysis of their performance motivating them to do better.
  • Keep the operations transparent and your employees honest to work.

Also, since Desktime helps you with tracking time and performance, you will be paying your employees more accurately. They won’t be able to object on the payments because you have all the metrics and reports to your support.

To be more neutral and fair to your employees, it will give them a reason to perform better so that they can earn extra bucks.

With fool proof features such as automated check-ins and compatibility with almost all the operating services, Desktime is all set to take over your company for the better.

The Pricing

Most of the software services these days put their pricing information on their official website. This keeps the interested customers from emailing and calling the vendors just to get a word on price. However, Desktime thinks otherwise. The service provides customized pricing packages to the interested clients according to their requirements.

There may be more than one pricing plans with different tools and features. According to our limited research, Desktime believes in entertaining the customers who are really interested in buying rather than those who might be in for an ‘unproductive activity’ (in Desktime terms) by just scrolling through and doing nothing.

Therefore, to learn about pricing and available features in each plan, customers will have to contact the Vendor through Email or telephone. Customers can get quotes and learn about features as well.

Is Desktime Better Than Other Similar Tools?

Although Desktime has some highly engaging and facilitating features, it is not one-of-its kind software. In fact, we found some other software that came pretty close to the features and services provided by Desktime.

Hence, here is a brief comparison of Desktime with the other similar tool available in the market.

When it comes to pricing, Desktime has been reviewed as one of the cheaper time tracking tools. Also, many of the time tracking tools are based on number of devices rather than users. Desktime provides tracking services for 90 employees per user account. This is why it is a great tool for smaller and medium sized businesses.

The wasted and productive time feature is the one that distinguishes it from other software trackers. It is one tool that keeps Desktime ahead of its competitors because they are able to eliminate wasted time and apps.

Also, it is available for mobile devices as well as desktops which is not an option in many of the tracking tools.

Is It Simple To Use?

Well, frankly speaking, we can’t think of how a time tracker can be difficult to use at all. However, to facilitate our readers, we must tell you that this is an incredibly simple software tool to use. The only problem a time tracking software user might face could be during the reporting phase but that is also not a problem with Desktime.

Most of the features are automated and work well together along with the integrations. Hence, the overall operation can be easily termed safe and simple.

To give you an idea of how simple it is to use Desktime, here is a brief discussion about its top features:

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Visually Engaging Graphics

As we discussed about the total time being divided into three categories, this time is represented in vibrant colors and with amazing graphics. Labels make it further easier to identify the three time piece without having to get into complex calculations.

Project Tracking

Want to track a certain project for billing? Just tell the tracker to do so. Different projects are represented in pie charts as per the time being spent on them. This particularly helps during the billing phase. With just a few clicks, you can convert these metrics into CSV reports which you can present to your clients at the time of billing. It also helps you to find out which projects need more time.


It often happens that a software runs wonderfully well on a particular operating system while it’s not so good with another one. Desktime has been made compatible with all the leading operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android. Now whether it’s smartphones or laptops, you can track your employees anywhere without any difficulty.

Other than above mentioned, the rest of the features are also quite simple to use. As these features work together as a well oiled machine, they give you the results as promised in the start of this review.

What’s even more appreciable is that Desktime also has a free trial version so that you can first familiarize yourself with the software instead of paying for the app straight away. It’s features are good and trusted enough due to which most of the users end up buying the product after the trial version.

Pros Of Desktime

There are numerous advantages you can get out of this software. We have summarized a small list of pros here:

  • Automated time tracking relieves you of filling data by yourself.
  • You can access company reports any time you want.
  • Segmentation of time based on productivity helps you reduce wasted time.
  • A strict check on employee helps them perform better.
  • Your business affairs become completely error free and transparent.
  • Free trial package for Desktime gets you started and you can check whether it suits your style of work or not.
  • It has been trusted by many businesses around the globe so you won’t be disappointed.
  • It is available for mobile devices and compatible with most operating systems which is normally not an option in many other time trackers.

Cons Of Desktime

Although Desktime’s features are wonderful enough to attract any user but noting in this world is perfect. Desktime being no exception, has some areas where it can further improve. These minor aspects that require touchups may be considered as drawbacks which you will find out below:

  • Some time-trackers are available for free. Although Desktime offers cheaper prices, it would be a great option to give users a free version as well.
  • There aren’t as many integrations as some of the other time trackers offer.
  • It doesn’t have the logging capabilities for offline work.

What Users Are Saying About Desktime?

It is time we address to the user experience. It is probably a safer bet and we’re sure you would like to read from the other users of this software. Desktime has been used all over the world. The official website claims that it serves clients in more than 90 countries having nearly 73,000 customers. Let’s see what reviewers have to say about the website.

Reviewer platforms such as Cloudswave contain a lot of reviews for this software. However, two thirds of the people have mixed feelings for Desktime. Although none of the reviewers reviewed this software negatively, but it still shows that Desktime can improve further to enhance customer experience. Managers suggested that it’s a good tool to keep an eye on their employees and it also keeps their workers alert. Department-wise grouping is another plus point according to the managers.

The fact that it can be operated through any device, we found out that many freelancers liked this product just because of that. Managers are saying that it doesn’t weigh too much on their pocket and the account features are quite flexible too.

The only major negative you might hear from the users is that there is no offline time logging service. Other than that, everything seems pretty cool.

Is It Popular?

For a software running in more than 90 countries, popularity should never be a problem. It can be safely termed as a popular time tracking tool and we have the stats to prove it.

As we mentioned earlier, Desktime gets its audience from all parts of the world. To be precise, it currently has 72,800 customers worldwide. Here is a bit about how the website performs.

According to SimilarWeb, the official website for Desktime has had 136.2k visitors. In the last six months, the visitor density has reduced by more than 18% which is a point of concern somewhat.

Alexa also suggests that the website traffic has gone down considerably in the last six months. It has dropped a good 12,000 ranks in the last few months which is again a concern.

The Final Word

Most of the customers for this website come from India, United States and Ukraine. Since these countries are ranked highly in the world of technology, it can be safely said that Desktime has captured a great chunk of the market.

Also, some of the top international brands such as Forbes, Mashable and Business Insider are using services from Desktime which speaks for its credibility itself.

So if you ask us whether or not you should go for this software, we won’t hesitate one bit in giving you a positive response. Time tracking is employee tracking which leads to better productivity.