Finding A New Job

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When You Lose Your Job

Ending a time at a specific job can be incredibly overwhelming. Unfortunately, millions of people will lose their job over the course of a year. This can create serious emotional, physical, and financial difficulties. However, there are things that a person can do to make unemployment a bit less challenging.

Update the Resume

The very first task to take on when a person has lost their job is to update the resume. Most people who have been with one particular company for a long period of time will have to update their resume in drastic ways. For individuals who have not created a resume, they will need to begin from scratch. It may be beneficial to hire a professional resume writer. Although there is a cost to doing so, it can be a worthwhile investment in the future of a person’s career.

Reach out and Connect

Most people in a particular field will make many friends, acquaintances, and contacts throughout a period of time. These people can be wonderful contacts to reach out to when a person has lost their job. It is important to contact them in a friendly manner and not create too much negativity when regarding the lost job. However, it is wise to make it known that the person is in need of a new position and would love to join them if a position is open. Honesty is key but reaching out to contacts in a particular field may be the most efficient manner of getting back to work.

Finding a New Job

  1. Let’s imagine two scenarios: the first, you’re unemployed and have been for the better part of the year. Perhaps you have looked in every nook and cranny for job in your field and you’re just not getting the call backs for interviews. You need to ask yourself a question:
  2. Are you applying for a job which you are qualified? If you answer no to this, that may be a reason you have not been contacted. If you are qualified, and are still not getting interviews perhaps you need to enhance your resume. You can do this by incorporating some buzzwords in your resume that the company used in their advertisement. This will surely catch their eye.
  3. However, if you are already employed and are looking for better hours, better pay or a more advanced position, the most important rule is to keep your current job while looking around. You don’t want to be left without a paycheck in this tumultuous time. Also, don’t go around your current job talking about your wandering eye, this may cause adverse repercussions.
  4. When you do apply to a new position and possibly get an interview, be as open as possible, but do not disparage your current employer. You want to put forth the best possible image of yourself – not an unhappy worker that puts down their employers.
  5. Regardless of your current state, two to three days after the interview, unless specifically told not to, be sure to email your interviewer and simply thank them for seeing you.

Tips To Stand Out And Get The Job

Competition in the job world is very fierce, so you need to be ready when a great opportunity comes your way. If you haven’t had luck in the past with landing a job, it’s time that you kick things up a notch. Follow these three great tips for standing out and getting the job that you have always dreamed about.

Make Sure You’re Prepared

Although this might seem like an obvious statement, being prepared will reduce your stress and allow you to make the best impression on those reading resumes and interviewing potential employers. If you have been called for an interview, come dressed professionally, make sure you bring an updated resume, and bring plenty of copies that you can hand out to each interviewer.

Go Over What You Will Be Saying

Take the time to write down popular questions asked by interviewers, then write your response to those questions. Have someone that you trust act out the position of the interviewer while you rehearse what you will be saying. This will boost your confidence and ensure that you are ready for your scheduled interview.

Don’t Forget To Thank The Interviewers

After your interview, ask for a business card or the contact information for each individual that interviewed you. As soon as you get home, send them a quick email thanking them for their time and consideration. If the company has a Facebook page, Twitter account or LinkedIn account, take the time to follow them for showing your interest as a candidate.