Gaming Jobs Online Review

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If you love video games, you should check out This website offers a lot of information on how to get paid to test video games. It looks as if you can earn a decent income while doing what you love from home. Gamingjobsonline seems like a great place to begin your search.

They offer a unique job system that offers members the opportunity to make money by, among other things, playing new and upcoming games, taking surveys, participating in focus groups and reviewing games. They can be your connection between you and the huge corporations that need your input. The best part is, these corporations are willing to pay you for tasks that are similar to things you are already doing.

Why would corporations pay you for what you would do for free?

Topping $50 Billion a year, the gaming industry is a major mover and shaker these days. By hiring you, the freelance gamer, they can have their games tested in a real world environment by people that were not involved in the development stages of the games creation. That means that they can have a fresh set of eyes work their way through the game for minimal cost up front saving them millions of dollars in returns and unhappy customers. Programmers can’t possibly catch all the bugs in games like gamers can. It is a win-win situation for the corporations and for you. You save them money while earning a decent wage and getting free games before they even hit the market.

Benefits of joining and getting paid for what you love to do

When you join gamingjobsonline you can forget about schedules, bosses, and alarm clocks. You have the ability to choose how much you work, how often you work, and what projects you accept. You are your own boss. Plus, you will get to keep all of the products that you test. That means free games, free consoles, and free controllers. By joining gamingjobsonline and working hard, you can even get invited to exclusive industry conferences, exhibits and conventions as well. Finally, you will have access to cheat codes and secrets that only game testers get to know about.

  • Overall, members of gamingjobsonline have the opportunity to earn a living doing the things they love to do.
  • There is really no risk in giving gaminjobsonline a try because they give you sixty days to request a refund.
  • That means if you are not able to make money by joining this site they will return your money to you with no questions asked.
  • If working in the gaming industry from home excites you, gamingjobsonline seems like a logical place to get started.