Quick Guide To Business Emails

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Email is used in a wide variety of ways these days. Some use it for friendly communication with loved ones that they rarely see and others use it to convey documents and factual information. In the business world, email has become a vital and integral part of communication.

Whereas the fax machine revolutionized the transfer of documents from long distances, email has taken that concept and made it even more efficient. Email in a business setting is not meant to be informal, but rather it should be seen as a valuable communication tool.

The subject line of a business email should properly summarize the point of the email. It should be brief and alert the reader to the topic right away. For instance, if you are sending an email reminder about a meeting, you may make the subject:

“Meeting on Tuesday.”

This way, the reader knows the topic before clicking. The body of the email should get right to the point. You may use a salutation, but it’s not necessary. Do not use abbreviations and shorthand found in text messages (lol, emoticons, btw.) Leave this for informal correspondence. You should also use a spell check before sending an email.

In addition to a direct body of the email, you will also want to make reference to anything you have attached to the email. (“The necessary form is attached…”) These simple steps can do a great deal to help you come across more professionally with business communication in the email world.