How To Make Money Online – FAQ

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With increased access to computers and internet, online businesses are booming. Convenience and accessibility are two of the most common reasons people have in both working for, and employing, web based companies.

Making money online can be even more appealing if you have a family or are home bound, and still want to work. There are many online employment options available, and everyone can find something that is a good fit for them. Online work can be a good part time money maker, or a complete substitute for on site work. The details all depend on what exactly you’re wanting to accomplish by working an online job.

It is possible to work several jobs at once, including a regular day job and an afterhours/weekend web based position. Make sure not to overextend yourself on any account, as burnout can happen no matter how laid back and fun your job may seem.

Before jumping into a paid online commitment, consider all of the following points

Amount of time you want to commit to working online

Many online opportunities allow you to set your own hours and work at any time of day. There are some that will set time restrictions and deadlines you must abide by in order to accept you for jobs. Whether you have a full time day job or are caring for your children during the day and are looking for night time work, there is a lot of flexibility with number of hours and works schedules.

Amount of money you’d like to make working online

Having this goal in mind, while also accounting for the number of hours you are wanting to put in, will help you narrow down what kinds of internet jobs are going to be the best to explore. Some jobs will pay very little and will also require very little work. Others are more tedious, and pay will be based on experience and workload. To find out what the going rate of pay is for the jobs you’re interested in, look to online forums, the BLS database, and job websites that can help you get an accurate figure for wages. Whatever you do, make sure that you’re not putting yourself in a position where the amount of time you put into your online job does not pay you a fair wage. This can lead to resentment and quitting early on.

Ensure that your computer and internet meet the operating requirements of the programs/websites/etc. that you need to use for the jobs you choose

If you are doing accounting, computer graphics, photo retouching, etc. from your home computer, you’ll need to make sure that you have all of the necessary programs and tools available to enable you to do that particular job. For jobs that require online chat or real-time communications, a strong and fast internet connection will increase productivity and decrease frustrations.

Entrepreneurship vs. employment by a company

If you know where to look, virtual/telecommuting jobs are out there to be found. Working for a company can have its perks. Some companies offer benefits, product discounts, and other employee enticements. Employers are required to handle payroll and deducting your taxes. Self-employment gives you the freedom to change up your schedule, your focus and also can offer better pay, depending on the job. However, you will need to file your own taxes and will be responsible for your own benefits, including health, dental and vision. Make sure all of the details are hashed out prior to taking on your first job to avoid any issues. Some companies may hire you on as an Independent Contractor, which requires different things from both the company and the employee. Also get all of the facts straight about how payment is administered and how often you are paid. If you are relying on paychecks, but the company only distributes once a month, that is something to know up front.

Having considered some of the basics, with regards to the requirements you have of your online job, the next step is to look at what some of your strengths are. A passion for a particular type of work does not mean it will be a good fit to make money, but having a strength in a particular discipline is not always enough to get you into your dream job, either. People are more successful when they like what they do and are good at it. If you aren’t sure exactly what kind of job you are going to mesh best with, many of the options available will allow you the time to take on multiple jobs at once and see which are up your alley, and those that aren’t a good fit at all.

Below are some qualities/experience levels that you may see in yourself, along with descriptions of online jobs that may be a good fit for you. If you fall into several categories, there is a good chance that there is a job listed in one section that you can integrate some of your other strengths into.


If you love to write, and are good at it, there is money to be made. The following list will explain some of the most common ways to earn cash for your writing and language skills.

How does blogging work?

Blogging is short for “web logging”, and if there’s anything you love to talk about, a blog is the place to put your thoughts and stories to good use. Free sites allow for blogging at no cost to you, and if you can create a high traffic blog, linking back to other pages, products or sister/brother blogs, people will pay to advertise with you! The more interesting, funny and relative your entries are to your target audience, the more likely it is that they will subscribe, share and click on the links on your blog page. Clicking links equals big money in the internet world, and marketing on a high traffic site is exactly what some companies are looking for to sell their products or services. Coming up with creative blogs, along with knowing how to post them at the right time and frequency, is an art to be learned. With some research, and a little trial and error, blogging can be fun and generate some decent income with very little time commitment. The key is creating a loyal following as well as keeping content fresh.

What is “ghost writing”?

There are some companies and publications that want new material, but don’t have the resources or desire to create it all internally. In this case, they would look outside of the company to hire a “ghost writer”. This position entails writing content for a website, magazine, newspaper, publishing company, etc. that will use your material under their own pen name. If you’re not looking to build a reputation as a well-known author, ghost writing can be a fun way to get your creative juices flowing and earn some cash. Most companies will hire in at different skill levels and abilities. The less experienced or polished your writing comes across, the more basic the jobs you are offered will be. If you are a talented writer with fresh ideas, excellent self-editing and a knack for getting the hiring company’s ideas across, you’ll likely be someone that will be highly sought after for future projects. Ghost writing is done for business website content, blog content, instructional sites, publishing companies, textbook companies and many others. Depending on your area of interest and expertise, there is likely something out there that would be a good fit for your writing talents.

How do I get paid to post ratings/reviews/surveys?

When people look to the internet for information about a product or service, one of their main intentions is to find ratings and reviews that can help them make a decision they’re comfortable with. There are many companies online that offer to pay you to write up reviews, ratings or take a survey related to the products of interest. Keep in mind that a company should never place the condition of paying you based on positive reviews only, as these types of enticements are often illegal in many states. These kind of review companies are looking for high volume site traffic, so they typically want reviews and comments that are constructive, reliable and informational.

Paid surveys can be related directly to products or services, or they can be through marketing firms that analyze the data they collect to help companies better serve their target markets. For example, a ladies magazine might want to survey women between 25 and 45 to find out what their current interests are, what kind of products they use, how many kids they have, what kind of topics they would like discussed. They then use these pieces of information to create the layout of an upcoming publication tailored to the population that they consider their target audience.

I’m proficient in a foreign language, can I use that skill?

  • This is definitely a skill that can be used for online jobs. While there are many programs that offer translation services, the translation is often broken and not consistent with the original content.
  • Companies that seek accurate translations are willing to pay decent money for you to translate from one language to another with accuracy.
  • If you have this skill and can get in good with an international company, it will be an asset that will be appreciated and compensated for.

I don’t like to write, but can I find work editing and proofreading other people’s projects?

The short answer is “yes”. If you have an eye for grammar, spelling and flow, editing and proofreading might be a great way for you to make some extra cash. Companies hire proofers in much the same way that they look for ghost writers. They expect a certain level of quality, an ability to work with speed and accuracy, and also the ability to keep up with ongoing changes to proper language usage. Did you know that it is currently considered more appropriate to leave a single space after punctuation than double spacing? Those that learned to type before the 80’s and 90’s are probably burdened with the “habit” of double spacing after a period. It is a hard habit to unlearn, but if you take a job in professional editing and proofing, you might have to make the necessary changes to your writing style if an author is following these new guidelines.


It takes a special kind of person and level of patience to teach others. If you’re one of the lucky few that was born to teach, there is a calling for you online! Check out the following options for online teaching opportunities.

What is an online webinar, and how can it create income?

Webinars are sought after because of the easy accessibility, low cost to participate, low overhead to create and enormous amount of information that can be transmitted in a short period of time with little effort on the part of the creator. Webinar content can be of varying lengths, topics and styles. If you’re great with PowerPoint, you can create a PowerPoint with voice over and let it run. For an interactive webinar, there are hosting companies that allow you to run your webinars or virtual meetings on their servers, and you can talk or type to communicate with your attendees during the session. You don’t have to be an expert in the topic of your webinars, but you do need to be able to perform a significant amount of research and validation to ensure that you aren’t giving people bad information. Some examples of online webinar topics include financial planning, wedding planning, small business startup, childbirth classes, etc.

Can you make money on video blogs/video tutorials?

Video hosting companies allow you to post your tutorials for public viewing, or for subscribed viewers only. The key to getting paid for your “free” content is to heavily use social media to get a following, produce a lot of great content, and monetize your videos. What this means is that you allow ads to run at the beginning of your video tutorial or blog. Once you gain a heavy following and accumulate a large number of watched hours for your videos, you can become a partner and have access to more opportunities to make money for posting your videos. Don’t assume that this is an easy way to make side money. It takes a lot of elbow grease to get a lot of viewers to subscribe and share your content, and even then you won’t make money unless the viewers watch a certain percentage of the paid ads at the beginning of your videos. Hosting a video tutorial or blog would work really well in conjunction with a written blog, as they both require a sizeable amount of time be dedicated to keeping updated on social media, networking and making an internet presence for yourself.

Is it possible to teach virtual college classes?

There are a lot of online colleges popping up, and there is a market for virtual teachers. Even colleges that have traditionally only offered on site classes are starting to jump on the virtual class bandwagon. In order to teach most classes, you must have a certain level of education in the discipline being taught. Accredited schools have certain guidelines in place that must be followed when hiring someone to teach. This includes that some classes must be taught by PhD and graduate level degree holder, sometimes only with teaching certificates and a certain amount of experience. Other courses are certificate classes, and don’t go towards a degree program. These can often be created and taught online by anyone who wants to cover the content. It is important to know that the amount of time you must commit to this will vary between course programs. Some require as little as 10 hours per week, others require that you work full time hours and have a large degree of interaction with your students. When searching for an online teaching opportunity, make sure you know everything that is going to be required of you, as far as time commitments go, so you’re not surprised with having to work a full time job on top of your other commitments.


Techies are already on their computers for a majority of their days, so adding a few light tasks to the plate and bringing in some additional cash is always appealing. If you’re truly tech savvy, you might not even need prior experience in some of these opportunities-as a freelancer, you can hire yourself out and gain experience as you go!

Will people pay me for web/graphic designing?

Web design and graphic design are two very lucrative web based jobs to get into. If you have the skills, the programs and the motivation, you can make a lot of money with these two jobs. Web design can be very basic, or very complex. One thing that business owners don’t want to do is screw up what is usually the first encounter a person has with their product or service: on the company website. The saying “you only have one chance to make a first impression” holds very true when it comes to website content and flow. An amateur webpage is not only a turnoff, but it also portrays a company’s lack of interest in making a user friendly and visually appealing place for interested customers to get more information. Beautifully created websites are worth their weight in gold, and people will pay good money to ensure that their website shows better than the competition’s. When it comes to webpages that involve purchasing items, booking appointments, and other interactive features, even internet savvy business owners will turn to the experts to ensure a good flow and proper functionality. You don’t want a broken website-this is very bad for business. Graphic designing is a necessary outsourced project as well. There are so many online logo/graphic competitions online, but it is difficult to win the prize and have your graphics chosen. While logo tourneys are good for exposure and practice, you would be best served by getting some good clients that spread their satisfaction with your work through word of mouth. Direct orders for your designs will bring you more money and ensure that you’re not working without the guarantee of getting compensated for your time and effort.

I’m a computer guru, can I do remote assistance from home?

  • Remote access and technical support is a very popular route to take for people that don’t have on-site IT, and who don’t want to haul their equipment into the local tech store for assistance.
  • There are companies that will hire you on to work remotely, or you can freelance and build your own business.
  • If you can get in with a company at its inception, you might be set for work with a single busy client.
  • There are also websites that allow you to list yourself and your assistance/support abilities for hire.
  • If you hire in with a company that offers a specific product or program that requires support, be prepared to do the required training to become proficient in their program’s language.
  • If you get good at what you’re doing, and become overbooked and highly sought after, you can look into hiring help that also works remotely and expand your business.

Excel/QuickBooks/Publisher/etc. is my forte…what can I do with that kind of skill?

Being literate in any complex program is a huge asset for companies that need models, projects and literature produced. If you’re literate in word processing, spreadsheets, internal networking, publishing, adobe, etc., you have companies that would outsource for your help. They may want to hire you directly to do jobs, such as importing, merging, inputting/translating data, publishing literature, etc. There is also a calling for companies to educate their employees on being literate in these areas, and if you’re good at explaining basic functions, shortcuts, special features, etc., you might have an opportunity to teach online classes to departments who need fine tuning of their computer abilities or to start fresh with an unfamiliar program.


Working as an administrative assistant doesn’t mean you have to be tied to a desk all day, every day. Some companies only want to pay for the specific jobs they need done, and don’t need a body sitting at a desk with a phone all day. If you like variety and have a knack for hustling, multitasking and being flexible with your schedule, online administrative work may be a good option for you.

I’m an experience administrative assistant, can I use that skill to earn money?

Your experience is important to those that are hiring you for jobs. There are many websites that will put you into a “pool” of administrative workers for hire. Your experience level and education are looked at and you may be vetted before you are listed on the directory. The level of pay you are offered may be determined by your years of experience. Other entrepreneurs have started their own online virtual assisting companies, which is a great option if you have business knowledge and would like to have more flexibility and keep all your earnings rather than splitting with the employment agency. Another perk of starting your own virtual company is the ability to outsource jobs yourself, leaving you more free time and still bringing some income. These business models need to be well thought out before launching in order to avoid logistical issues. Virtual assisting requires timeliness, extensive understanding of bookkeeping, scheduling and planning, as well as stellar customer service and PR skills. If you are lacking any of these areas, you may want to consider another online job, as these are critical to continued hiring and job security.

Is there a need for virtual insurance billing experts?

With the insurance industry and medical community becoming more and more complicated, many health care providers are looking for virtual billing experts to keep on top of their growing stacks of insurance claims. Insurance companies are a business, and their willingness to pay has been decreasing as more and more people are using health insurance for non-critical care and wellness, and more for constant monitoring. Insurance billing and collection is a frustrating job, but if you have a way with the insurance adjusters and claims departments, this might be a very lucrative position for you to consider as a freelancer. Depending on the type of reimbursement, some companies will pay per claim filed, others will pay based on collections. If you are working for yourself, you have the ability to negotiate these terms and find an arrangement that works in your favor. Medical coding is set to change over to the new ICD-10 system at the end of 2015, so if you are planning on taking on this type of job make sure you are well versed and up to date on the mandatory changes coming your way.

I have experience in medical coding and transcription, can I do that from home?

This is definitely a job that can be done from home. While most companies want someone with years of experience to do this, there are some agencies that will hire you with only a certificate, and even other smaller companies that will hire you directly with little or no experience at all. Transcription involves typing out voice recorded notes taken by a health care professional. It is ideal if you are able to type more than 45 words per minute with near 100% accuracy. If not, transcription would not be a good fit. In addition to transcribing medical notes, there is also a calling for proofreading and quality assurance work on “speak to text” charting. All of us that have seen unfortunate auto-correct incidents can imagine how using dictation software can lead to some confusing and inappropriate medical records. To avoid that issue, doctors and nurses can hire someone who is literate in medical note taking to proof their notes and make sure all of the pertinent information was picked up in the software.


Whether you’re a skilled crafter/creator or you love working with people and have a charismatic personality, online sales might be a great way to make some money. You can sell your own items, create a storefront for mass produced items, or a marketplace for others to sell items. Regardless of which you choose, you’ll need to be able to convince shoppers that you’ve got something they want and that they need to buy it now.

Who will buy the stuff I make/create/invent?

Many people have a desire to support local talents and purchase handcrafted/homegrown items. Depending on the type of items that you’re offering for sale, you’ll find a website that allows you to market it to your target audience. Artisan items can be sold on storefront sites, online auction sites or even through social media sites. You can sell locally or setup the ability to ship items for a fair price, depending on your desire to deal with packaging, labeling and shipping the items you’re selling. When searching for a site to sell your items on, keep the following in mind: what percentage of the sale they take; what fees they charge; how long you can leave your item up for sale; what methods of payment and deposit they use; how many people sell the same things you do; whether the site is marketing itself enough.

How does an online storefront work?

The internet is full of online storefronts. For people with unique items, it is sometimes hard to get enough exposure online when you place your items for sale on a large web store or auction site. There are many website building programs available online, some for free, which can help you build a website, storefront and keep reports and inventory for your items with ease. Some things to consider with online storefronts is cost of operating the page or subscribing to service, how much the transaction fees are for each item sold and different methods of payment, who will be shopping on the site and whether they will want what you have to offer, if your prices are competitive with others who sell similar items, and whether you’re following all applicable laws with regarding to sales tax and return policies.

Can I raise money for personal projects/support?

  • With online fundraising on the rise, this may be a difficult project to undertake.
  • More and more people are looking for money to help with film projects, philanthropy, legal funds, etc., and society is becoming weary of the intent of some web based fundraising efforts.
  • If you have a great idea for a project and need investors, this might be a good option for you to explore, in addition to the more traditional approaches like bank loans, private investors and silent auctions/raffles.
  • If you’re hired as a fundraiser for a company or organization, you’ll likely get paid a flat fee.
  • There will be a greater responsibility involved, with regards to the number of people who need to be contacted and solicited for contributions.
  • This may also require some face-time, so if you want to keep it strictly web-based, make sure you clarify all of the terms with the hiring company before entering into any contracts.


Can I make money at online poker?

There is still money to be made online, but the glory days of online poker ended years ago. With new state and federal laws picking away at internet gambling, it is harder to make decent money online, even as a skilled player. Fortunately, as of 2014 it looks like the US is handing out online poker licenses to those states that want them. While online poker and real money deposits were not ever illegal, there were many hoops to jump and red tape to cut through in some states. With new laws and looser regulations coming this year, it should be easier to find confidence in your ability to make money with online gambling. Before investing in a site, make sure you’re well-read and know your state’s laws to avoid any loss or having your money get tied up. Online forums are the best place to get real time information on the poker sites that are operating smoothly and have the best opportunities to pay well.

If I’m a professional in my field, what can I do online to make money?

If you hold a professional degree or license, there are many websites that offer your services to answer questions for people. Q& A websites not only allow you to use your specialty to make money from home, but they also will typically allow you to set your fee range for answering questions. If you keep your rates competitive and earn good ratings from those that employ you, you’ll eventually be in the position where you can increase your rates accordingly and still get high traffic. Marketing psychology shows us that people don’t necessarily want the cheapest services, but rather the most effective and informative. Value is not always placed ahead of quality, especially when you’re considered an expert in your field of work. In addition to using the question and answer sites, you can advertise yourself online as a phone based service and have people call in for consultations or questions, taking payment online or over the phone.

What kind of work can be done with a real estate license?

  • With the internet being the number one place to go to for home listing information, internet presence for real estate agents is critical.
  • If you have a strong personality and good rapport with people, most work can be done through presenting properties on your website and answering questions through emails.
  • While some phone conversations and meetings for showing are necessary, those can sometimes be arranged to be handled by other agents if you are in a true homebound situation.
  • Finding a company that can support you is important, and building a good relationship with your coworkers will give you a better shot at flexibility and sticking to doing business on the web rather than in the field.
  • There is also some availability for online jobs in real estate appraisal.

I have a knack for investing, what can I do with that online?

If you love playing the stock market, you might be a good fit as an online stock broker. With consumer confidence in stocks falling, and the unpredictable nature of the market, it makes sense to place your investments in the hands of a professional broker. There are a lot of jobs available for web brokers, and the wages are fairly good if you know how to work the market. Pay is usually base plus incentives, so if you’re interested in exploring this type of online work make sure you know what a realistic take home pay is and how easy it is to hit incentives goals. Bonuses are usually dependent on hustling and staying ahead of the game, so this is not a job to take if you want to kick back and let things happen at a leisurely pace. It’s also a very competitive career, so be prepared for high intensity and high stress at some points of your workday.

As you can see, there are a plethora of online job opportunities that can make you some money. Some are long term, some are short term, and all are highly sought after. While this list of ideas does not exhaust the current pool of job and online money making opportunities available, it gives a good idea of where you should start when finding a good fit for you.

There’s nothing to say that you can’t choose several paths to give yourself some variety and experience in multiple areas. Just make sure that you don’t underperform in any of your jobs. Employers will not be a good reference for future jobs if they’re in any way dissatisfied with your performance. On the other hand, excellence in your work is going to be rewarded by re-hiring, referring and good reviews.

If your online job requires any amount of startup period (in the case of starting a small business), it would be important to setup a business plan for yourself and set some goals so that you don’t become overwhelmed with all of the steps that come with the early stages of being a business owner. Having a business plan in place can also help you if you need to ask for financial assistance in the form of a small business loan or private investments. It shows potential investors that the liability of putting money into your new business has been thought out, and that you have projections in place to reassure them that you will succeed.

For those that choose to work for online companies, make sure you know up front how taxes and payment will be handled. If you receive payments throughout the year and no one is deducting taxes, you’ll be stuck with a hefty bill at the end of year when tax returns are filed, not to mention any penalties that you might be subjecting yourself to.

While some people in the workforce prefer to have a physical office space, there are many perks to consider when working online. One is the ability to spend time with family. If you have children that require care at home, a flexible online job is a great way to stay in the workforce without demanding any time away. It’s not always the ideal environment for focusing on intense work, but without other options, web based work is a good option.

Also consider the financial benefits. As an online employee or business owner, you are saving gas and miles by not commuting to work. In addition to savings on fuel and car maintenance, you can write-off a portion of your home office expenses on your taxes. This is a nice feature that can help mitigate some of your monthly bills. A couple of other perks are not having to eat out at restaurants and not having to buy business attire or uniforms that might be required of you outside of the home.


What is Passive and Active Online Income?

Not only are there a whole host of different ways of earning money online, there are also different means by which to achieve said earnings. This is often referred to as passive or active income and both are legitimate ways to earn a little bit of extra money, and even a living, online. These are both viable options of producing a steady stream of income, but they are very different and their earning potential is quite varied.

As the names imply, passive income is income that is earned in an almost indirect manner (discussed in more detail below). Active income is income that is earned through the direct provision of a product or service (also to be discussed in more detail below). There are inherent advantages and disadvantages to both of these ways of earning online income and what works best for you will be dependent on your skill set, expectations, and abilities. Since it is the most common, and also easiest to understand, let’s start with active online income.

Active Online Income

Active income is the most obvious means that you can earn money online. This refers to the rendering of products or services and being paid for what is provided. For example, a freelance writer who works with a freelance job site is earning active income. They seek out specific projects, provide content, and are compensated for their efforts.

Those who provide services, such as online or consignment sellers, are also earning active income. They are producing a good or service, then selling it directly to a consumer.

Essentially, active income is earned online through the provision of a product or service. There is a well known business transaction taking place here. The freelancer or remote worker has a product or service that the client or customer is buying. They provide the product or service, and money changes hands.

This tends to be the most lucrative means to earn money online. While there are easier ways to earn a bit of income, which will be discussed below, these means do not earn nearly as much as the active means do.

Passive Online Income

This type of online income generation tends to be less lucrative, but is also quite a bit easier than the means by which active income is earned.

With passive online income, you earn money in what are more indirect ways. There are a number of ways to do this, but most of them involve running a website or blog, or at least utilizing social media networks to engage in like-minded individuals. Let’s say someone has a blog and are interested in earning a bit of money while also talking about their love of indie music.

The blog provides the author’s views of the latest albums, artists, and songs, and also provides him with a means of generating small, but accumulating amounts of income with very little effort. He can use his blog as a means to advertise related products and services. His blog can be used to host related ads that generate income per click or impression. Affiliate marketing of related products or services which provide readers with click through links to products or services is another way in which money can be earned.

All of these are ways in which you can earn a little bit of money by lightly pitching related products, or simply having ads for related products displayed with your content. This allows those who have similar interests a means to purchase the things that you talk about, and you get a small reward for directing business to the companies that make these products or services.

How Do You Make Money with Microgigs?

For many people, microgigs are a great way to supplement their income and earn some extra money on the side. As opposed to more traditional freelance gigs, which, though contractual, tend to last a number of weeks, months, or even more, microgigs are often “one off” projects. For example, a programming microgig could include troubleshooting code for one element of a website. This ends up being a weekend’s worth of work that provides the programmer good pay for their services.

There are many companies and even individuals who need small amounts of work to be done, often requiring short turnaround times. There are many different job sites and some of them specialize in these microgigs. Here, many people looking for a variety of small tasks for completion can find the talent they need. Whether a small business needs a press release, or a company needs some extra remote customer service for the holidays or a busy sale weekend, microgigs are where many are turning to for this type of service.

Mircrogigs can encompass any number of different types of job tasks, but the commonality is that these are one-off, non-regular projects. As these are short-term and variable, they are not as attractive for those who wish to find something more akin to full employment online. However, this is a legitimate and sometimes lucrative, way to earn a bit of extra money online by monetizing your skills and interests. Some even manage to piece together a number of different microgigs that allow them to take on a variety of different projects, enjoy the flexibility of freelancing, and also earn full-time wages.

What Possibilities Are There for the Tech Savvy to Earn Money Online?

For those who have technological and web savvy, there are a whole host of different ways to earn a bit of extra money online, and even earn a decent living doing so. Today, with the advent and spread of the internet and related mobile technologies, the internet is more important than ever before. From shopping, working, living, and loving, we can do all of this online. This means that there needs to be infrastructure and constantly upgraded sites and interfaces that keep pace with this rapidly changing, mobile-oriented society.

This means a lot of work for those who have a little bit of computing knowhow. For people with website design, coding, or graphic design experience, there are a ton of different ways for you to earn money online. Many freelance job sites feature jobs for those with these specific talents. From big name companies that need long-term, remote programmers, to a small, independent company that needs someone to help develop a simple mobile app, the possibilities are endless.

There is a need for computer programmers and coders who are knowledgeable in responsive web design as a means to help keep their content current and up-to-date, and rendered perfectly across the growing array of mobile devices. Apps are the proverbial wave of the future and more and more companies are looking to create their own mobile app. Freelance graphic artists can purloin their talents to those who need graphical content for their websites and apps, and can even get on board to design the graphics and interface for mobile games or other applications.

In addition to those who can manage and design websites and applications, there is also a need for people to help troubleshoot and solve problems that inevitably occur. Remote tech support, troubleshooting, beta testing, and diagnostics, are just a number of the other ways in which the tech savvy individual can monetize their talent online.

Can I Quit My Day Job to Work Online?

One of the first questions many people have about making money online is whether they can earn enough to quit their day jobs. While yes, it is certainly possible, don’t go handing in that letter of resignation just yet. The world of online work is a difficult one to traverse and it is not a suitable way for everyone to work. This type of remote working environment requires a specific set of special skills, and those are not those related to the actual job performed.

Online work is independent work and as such, it is best suited for the self-starter and self-motivated individual. And yet, even still, the best suited individual may not have the means to quit their job and work completely online.

Many argue that ways to make money online are typically best suited for those who merely want to supplement their incomes or earn a bit of extra spending cash. This is due to the variable and unreliable nature of freelance work. It is possible for one to have so much work that they work MORE than full-time, but that same individual can also face a dearth of projects that leave them barely working at all.

It is incredibly difficult to find reliable, long-term, full-time employment online. There are a good number of ways to earn a decent income, but these usually involve piecing together a number of different freelance projects to earn the income one needs. This can work for some individuals and many enter into long-term relationships with particular clients, but as noted above, online work can be variable. There can be a big market for something one minute and it can be gone the next.

The instability and difficulty in keeping regular, full-time wage earning employment is why many caution against quitting that day job to jump into the proverbial waters of freelance employment full-time. However, this should not discourage all. There are some people with that perfect blend of work ethic and skills that are perfectly suited to online, freelance work. For these individuals, the constant hunt for the next gig is often part of the appeal of the job, giving them the motivation they need to keep searching out that next project.

What is Realistic with Earning Online?

If you hope to get rich quick without having to do anything other than sit idly by, watching the money roll in, then sadly, you will be disappointed. Get rich quick schemes are just that. Even with the bounty of the internet, you cannot earn a living by doing nothing and if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is. The ability to easily make massive amounts of money online is probably the biggest misconception people have about working online.

There are viable forms of remote, online employment, as well as other ways of earning money online, and these can even be quite lucrative, but these jobs are the same kind that would be lucrative in the proverbial real (brick and mortar) world. The internet does expand the ability of people to seek alternative ways of generating income, but it is important to have realistic goals.

So what is a realistic goal when it comes to earning money online? Well, simply, you should expect to get what you put in. Most online work is either freelance or per diem. What this means is that you have to find the work for yourself and it is contractual, often short-term employment. For those who sell goods or services, earnings are directly dependent on the ability to successfully market and sell one’s products or services. The internet is no different from the traditional workplace in that respect.

It is recommended to start small. It is as unlikely that you will fall into full-time, regular, online employment overnight as it is for you to get rich quick by twiddling your thumbs. You have to build a reputation in your field and this often takes time. One project will turn into to two, and so on. Many freelancers and those who earn money online get discouraged that success doesn’t happen overnight, but this is simply not realistic.

Start small and expand your goals from there. Do not expect to get rich quick or earn a ton of money without putting a bit of effort into it. Those who enter into the realm of online earning with realistic goals are more likely to be successful than those with unrealistic expectations.

Is Earning Money Online Right for You?

There are many people who are interested in earning money online, but that does not necessarily mean that this type of work is suitable for everyone. Working online typically means working for yourself and this can be rewarding or exceedingly difficult. The short answer is: it depends on the person.

For those who have the right mentality, expectations, and a skill set that is conducive to earning money online, it is a great way to earn extra money or even earn a living.

Being able to find regular, steady ways to earn money online is not the only thing that stands in the way of this being a feasible means of generating income. For many people who earn money online, their work is done from their home. This means that they need to also have the space, free time, privacy, comfort, and the equipment needed to perform whatever job or task it is they perform. Take the prospective freelance writer, for example. Say this person has access to regular work but their kids stay home with them all day, every day. This means that, at least with respect to full-time work, this person doesn’t have an environment conducive to long-term success as it will be hard for them to find the privacy and space needed to do their job.

As noted above, there are more than the usual impediments for those who work online. If you have access to regular work, the equipment and the environment to perform said tasks in, as well as the self-starting motivation needed for freelance work, this is a great, rewarding, and fun way to earn money.

How Can I Spot a Scam?

It is unfortunate, but also important to touch on, the preponderance of scams that plague those looking to earn a little bit of money online. Most of us possess some measure of common sense and certain scams are obvious and all but a rare few will be able to see right through the deception. However, criminals continually get more sophisticated and there are many people who trust, perhaps more than they should, and it is important that we all do what we can to protect ourselves from becoming victim of such a scam.

  1. First and foremost, if it sounds too good to be true, there is a very, very good chance that it is. If someone is telling you that you can earn a ton of money without doing anything other than paying $89.95 for their “tested and approved” program, chances are you are wasting your money. There are a very few cases in which there are costs directly associated with a legitimate job. For example, certain incidentals, such as equipment or office supplies, is a cost that you will have to incur. Some freelancers or online earners join professional development organizations, which can help them network for more earning opportunities, as well as stay abreast on the latest information related to their field. There are also training programs, such as medical transcription or other vocational training, which can give you skills to earn money online, that are legitimate expenses.
  2. Other than something that is too good to be true, how else can you spot a potential scam? Any site or individual that claims that they can guarantee a job for a hefty fee or membership is something to think twice about. There are also sites out there that charge a monthly fee to allow you the “privilege” or applying for a pool of jobs. While this may seem legitimate, there are tons of highly reputable sites that allow you to browse and apply for jobs for free.

What Earning Opportunities Are There for Organized People?

For those whose skills revolve around the ability to be organized and diligent can find a number of different earning opportunities online. There is a growing market for what are called “virtual assistants.” These positions include tasks such as calendar organization and management, planning and arranging travel accommodations, handling correspondence, transcribing notes or communication, and so on.

Small businesses, as well as incredibly busy individuals, often need the services of a remote assistant. Perhaps they do not have a traditional office, or perhaps their needs simply do not necessitate someone on-site. Even big name businesses and those with full-time assistants can find themselves in need of a temporary replacement or someone to help handle an increased workload.

Virtual assistant tasks can include the above stated tasks, as well as a variety of other administrative tasks as needed by the client.

This is an area where people have the best luck finding steady, long-term employment online. Many people want to build a long-term working relationship with someone they can count on and trust to manage their needs.

Virtual assistants often handle email and even phone correspondence. As remote jobs such as these tend to be on a freelance basis, many people looks towards a temporary virtual assistant for short periods such as when their full-time assistant is on vacation, sick leave, or even maternity leave. Others look towards remote virtual assistants to be their full-time assistant in lieu of someone physically present.

What Online Earning Opportunities Are Available to Writers?

Writing is an occupation that seems to be best suited for remote, freelance work. With the rise of the internet, and it’s continued and increasing relevance and importance in our daily lives, the written word has seen a resurgence. Someone has to write all the many hundreds of thousands of pages of content that make up the internet. From regular publications like journals, newspapers, and magazines, to editing and proofreading, those with writing skills can find a number of earning opportunities online.

What Type of Work Is There?

Everything you see online has to be written and therefore, it is all potentially “game” for the freelance writer. Whether you subscribe to a freelance job site or seek work directly from different companies, there is tons of work to be had in producing web content, press releases, product descriptions and more. However, writing opportunities do not stop there.

More and more people and businesses are turning towards online freelance writers to provide their marketing materials for both online, as well as brick-and-mortar advertising campaigns. This means that ads and other marketing materials are often the proverbial bread and butter of the freelance writer.

Editing and proofreading is another area in which someone who is good with words can earn money online. There are many aspiring novelists, as well as academic or business types who have a story to tell or information to impart, but may, perhaps, not be the best with grammar, punctuation, tone, and so on. Whether editing an author’s latest novel, or helping an academic make their concepts more accessible to laypeople, there are a number of editing and proofing opportunities online.

What Online Opportunities Are There For Creative Individuals?

Though art and other creative endeavors may not seem like a very good way to make money online, they can actually be great options for the creative individual to earn a little (or even a lot of) extra money on the side. The internet is a wonderful meeting place for people who are looking for what you have to offer. And there are any number of ways to use these skills to make a bit of money online.

Those with acting or singing talent can find work for voice talent or narrating of videos online. From being a spokesperson for a company, being the voice of an audiobook, or the voice of a how-to video, there are a number of different types of earning possibilities for those who have acting or voice training and skill.

For those who are more into the visual arts, there are also a number of earning opportunities online. There are authors who are looking for illustrators for their books. Website owners or advertising executives who need graphics and artwork for their products, services, and marketing campaigns, and many of these people look more and more towards talent available remotely, online, to provide for these services.

Those who produce artwork or other creative products, from painting, jewelry making, knick-knacks and more, selling these products on the internet provides a huge audience of potential customers for your wares. Whether you have your own website or utilize one of the many e-commerce sites that specialize in individuals or small businesses who wish to sell on consignment, the internet is a wonderful way to get your work out to potential buyers. For some artists, the internet has allowed them to have a wider reach and larger customer base than they ever could have had with a brick-and-mortar, local operation.

What Makes Someone Well Suited To Earning Money Online?

For the independent, freelance worker, it takes far more than just a skill or talent in one’s field of choice to be successful. Many people, even those who excel in their field, do not have the right temperament or personality for this type of work. It is different than traditional work in a number of key ways. First and foremost, these jobs or earning opportunities take place, for the most part, in one’s home.

This means that there is often not a set time that you have to be to work and your office may be your living room. While this might sound like heaven on earth, it is a recipe for disaster for some people as one has to be able to self-motivate and give themselves a sense of routine and structure that is usually found in a more traditional work environment. Most of us have to be to work at a certain time and at a certain place, it takes a motivated individual and a self starter to be able to maintain that focus without the boss and the physical environment.

Earning money online also tends to be as lucrative as you are willing to make it – or not. This type of work is mostly done on a freelance or per diem basis. What this means is that you get a project or an order, you fulfill this, and then you have to secure the next. With traditional work, you get a paycheck for showing up everyday, regardless of how busy you are, and so on. With freelance work, you only get paid for what you do and much of this work is one off or short-term in duration.

This means that those who earn online often spend a lot of time looking for that next earning opportunity. For the freelancer, this means regularly applying for new jobs to take the place of one off projects or those that will soon be ending as, when the gig ends, so too does the paycheck. For those who produce a product or service that they sell online, it is imperative to always be after that next potential customer through networking and marketing efforts. Again, these efforts have to be self-directed and self-motivated.

What Types of Options Are There?

One of the most attractive things about earning money online, from home, is the flexibility this type of employment provides. There are obvious populations that can really benefit from this type of work such as stay-at-home parents, retirees, and students. However, online earning opportunities are by no means limited to these groups of people. Those from any different number of educational and occupational backgrounds can find a number of different ways to utilize their skills to earn money online.

Flexibility is one of the biggest perks of the remote or freelance worker. This refers to not only the flexibility of when and where to work, but also what type of work to do and how much to do.

When earning money online, you often have the freedom of setting your own schedule. This allows for one to move their schedule around based on the needs of their family and other obligations. It also allows for remote work environments, which can allow for those who cannot leave home due to physical limitations or family obligations, as well as those who live in rural areas, the opportunity to earn an income that would not have been possible before the internet.

There are so many different ways to earn money online that you can make your living doing a wide variety of different tasks. Whether you wish to work full- or part-time, from home or abroad, or in a number of different fields, freelancing online is a great way to live exactly how you want to live. While it is by no means easy, there are many dedicated freelancers who sing praises about the varied rewards of this type of work. You can earn money actively or passively, pursuing new interests or learning how to capitalize on hobbies or skills.

How Can I Monetize My Interests?

One of the easiest ways to earn a bit of extra money online is by monetizing your interests. In many ways, this is one of those “kill two birds with one stone” type of things, though it is not to say that there isn’t a bit of work involved in actually being successful at earning money this way. It should be said that you are not very likely to become rich monetizing your interests, but those who have done it successfully have been able to supplement their income and some have even been able to make a living doing it.

What this means, essentially, is to find a way to earn money by supporting, talking about, and participating in things that interest you. There are tons of different ways that this can be done, so how to do this is best illustrated with an example, though this is by no means the only way in which earning can happen. In short, what this entails is finding a way to use your interests to spurn potential business for someone else that specializes in a related product or service.

For our example, let’s take a fashion conscience individual and give them a blog where they talk about the latest in fashion and what the hottest celebrities are wearing. The blog has a small following and the blog owner decides to monetize. She can go about this in a number of ways, such as putting targeted ads on her blog. With these ads, she earn a small amount of money every time someone clicks the ad, or a flat rate for having the ad on the site. She might also use an affiliate marketing campaign as well.

With affiliate marketing, the blog owner can link to online stores that offer the items she talks about on her blog. She earns money by receiving a small commission or amount of money every time someone uses her link to purchase said product or service. This allows her to share the things she loves most and get a little bonus for directing new customers towards those products.

The fictitious fashion blogger may even plug products on their site or share reviews of products or services with her readership.

Our faux fashion blogger is just an example of how you can utilize your interests and desire to share them with other people, and also earn some money while doing it.

Whether you utilize something like a pay-per-click ad supported blog, affiliate marketing, reviews, promoting products and services, and more, there are numerous ways to make your hobbies work for you. The more engaging, easy to navigate, and relevant your site and information are, the more likely people are to want to come back again and again.

These loyal followers will be the means by which you earn a bit of what is called passive income, while also having an avenue to express your own interests. Your content will draw them back again and again and may even induce them to try a product or service that you have mentioned on your blog. By using you as their means for obtaining said product, you earn a small reward. Though it is often not very much, it can add up with increased readership.

How Do You Find Work or Markets for Wares?

  • One of the very first questions people who are interested in earning money online involves how to find said opportunities.
  • The internet is a vast repository for an almost infinite amount of information.
  • This can make it very confusing to those who are interested in earning money online to actually find opportunities.
  • Once certain requirements have been met: you know there is a market for the type of work you do or the product you have to sell, you have the skills in knowhow to provide or produce it, now you need to know how exactly to go about making this a reality.
  • The two most common ways of earning money online include providing some sort of work or skill or selling a product.
  • What follows is a brief introduction on how to go about finding earning opportunities online.

How to Find Work?

For those who are looking for work online, there are tons of different ways to go about doing this. Some companies offer remote work opportunities that can be accessed and applied for directly on the company site. Many job search sites are also starting to include work from home and remote work as options in a targeted search query.

There are also a number of companies that specialize in the provision of specialized freelance services such as writing or programming. These can provide you with regular, steady work.

There are also sites that are places for clients and freelancers to connect. Clients can post job descriptions on these sites and interested individuals can apply via these sites. Correspondence and payment is also often mediated through these sites. This is one of the best ways to find work online. Established freelance job sites are popular places for businesses large and small to seek out talent for their projects.

How to Market Wares?

If you have a product to sell, the most important thing is finding people who are interested in said product. The internet, while definitely a great place for people who want to shop, can be a difficult place to stand out and find a means of selling your wares. You can utilize the services of an existing e-commerce site, or even create your own website.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both of these options. For established brands, a stand alone website makes sense as their name is already well known. For individual artisans, small businesses, or those who are just starting out, the client base for a stand alone site just isn’t there. This is not to say that you cannot have a website, but chances are your reach will be limited and you won’t be successful at reaching as many potential customers as you could by working with an already established site.

Already established e-commerce sites provides individual artisans with a means by which to sell their wares. Most often, these sites already have an established following and provide the means for you to display, market, and sell your wares online. These services often have fees associated with them. Some charge membership fees, others allow you to list your products for free and take a small percentage of your earnings as commission.

Is It Possible to Make Money Online?

Today, the internet is more useful and integrated into our daily lives than ever before. Many people, whether those looking for an alternative form of employment, or those who are looking for a bit of extra cash or to supplement their income, want to know if it is possible to make money online. The short answer is: most definitely.

Though, admittedly, it is not exactly that simple. The internet is a vast place with so much information. Just as in the so-called “real-world” there are jobs for those with a multitude of varied interests, the same is true for the internet. Those who possess any number of skills can find paid work online so long as they know where and how to get it.

There are two main impediments to earning money online: an inability to find work, and personal motivation. As noted above, the internet is a vast resource. Imagine going to a site like Google to find something. With no idea what this “something” is, the internet is more overwhelming and confusing, than useful. The same is true for trying to sift through all the muck to find something that will actually work for you.

While it can be difficult, there are numerous ways for people from a variety of different occupational and educational backgrounds to earn some extra money, or even a living, online. From providing remote administrative assistance, selling one’s creations or wares, performing a variety of microgigs, writing internet content, selling web and related services, and more – the options are almost as varied as what the internet has to offer.

Personal motivation and the ability to quickly spot a “too good to be true” situation are part and parcel to being successful at earning money online. Most ways to earn money online are ones where you have to be a self-motivator. Many of these jobs require you to be your own boss and you can earn as much money as you are willing to work for. On the flip side, though, you are not likely to find a gig like this that will provide an hourly paycheck, which means regular, steady work is required in order to make a living.