SEMrush Review

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SEMrush – a favorite amongst thousands of users for what reasons? Do you want to level-up your website or blog? Are you in search of an SEO tool that does keyword research, tracks keyword ranking and checks backlinks with competitor ranks in one place? More importantly, does a complete SEO audit of your blog? SEMrush will help you run all these errands with the ease of one software.

In 2011, Google Panda – a change in Google’s search results was introduced by Google engineer, Navneet Panda. The technology aimed to return higher-quality sites near the top of the search results. Consequently, a drastic drop was seen in the rank of low-quality sites.

Since the invention of Google Panda, blogging has taken new turns. In order to improve the SEO of blogs or websites, the quality of the content cannot be neglected. Keywords are the foremost thing that should be taken into consideration for complete optimization of your blog. Nevertheless, you need to build quality links and do regular audits of your website. This will enable you to get maximum search engine traffic on a few hand-picked posts of yours.

SEMrush will help you get everything done in just one dashboard! Let’s find out what make SEMrush such a handy tool.

Table Of Contents

01. What Is SEMrush?
02. SEMrush – An Introduction
03. The Pricing
04. Is SEMrush Better Than Other Similar Tools?
05. Is It Simple To Use?
06. Pros Of SEMrush
07. Cons Of SEMrush
08. What Users Are Saying About SEMrush?
09. Is It Popular?
10. The Final Word

What Is SEMrush?

A website ranks on the basis of keywords. SEMrush tells you exactly what those keywords are. It also shows you the number of searches done for those keywords. This software allows you to track the position of these keywords globally, including countries like Spain, U.K, Australia, India and U.S.A, etc. So, if you are a global blogger or targeting a specific country, you can use this feature to find out the ranking of your site in specific countries’ search engines.

This SEO resource is a necessity for you if you are a blogger who wants to expand his or her possibilities.

Currently, SEMrush has more than 40,000,000 domains and 120,000,000 keywords in their database. These numbers prove that SEMRUSH will provide you with results for any set of keywords. Statistical details regarding specific keywords can also be found. And related keywords which you can rank for are also listed.

SEMrush – An Introduction

SEMrush is an ultimate guide to SEO packages. An average person cannot comprehend the technology and algorithms employed in these search engines. However, it all comes down to a few words called keywords. To find the information users need, they enter keyword phrases into a search engine.

How do these keywords do your blog any good? You need to know all the keywords people are entering and choose the most appropriate ones for your website. In short, to get your website to the top, you need to make use of relevant words.

It is justified, that no other tool caters to the needs of bloggers better than this. So what are the features that make it outshine amongst the rest?
To optimize your website, the key features of SEMrush include:

  • Ability to see your competitors’ gradual positions.
  • Ability to show specific rankings relevant to the domain.
  • Competitors’ Ad texts can be studies.
  • Position tracking.
  • Good long-tail keywords search.
  • Keywords can be used to compare domains.
  • Various SEO metrics can also be compared.
  • Crawl Audit Tool
  • SEMrush line graph and pie chart
  • Organic Research
  • Several sites can be compared to one place.
  • Research advertisements.
  • Different keyword metrics can be tracked.
  • AdSense
  • Ad point is detailed and pin-point accurate.
  • Backlinks
  • Provided Ad campaign data is detailed and in-depth.
  • Research of Keywords
  • Rankings of your different competitors can be seen.
  • Ranking

All the information you need is provided with one simple domain search.

The Pricing

The software is capable of keyword research, domain research, competitor research and site auditing. All of these features SEMrush has to offer come with a hefty price. Therefore, the pricing might make you think twice about buying this product.

SEMrush offers several plans for the customers with different needs. You can choose a plan with respect to the strategy you are looking for.

  • The SEMrush Pro Plan for $69.95/month includes a lot of features like 10,000 results for each query. And it can be used for the analysis of 3,000 reports in a day.
  • The SEMrushGuro Plan for $149.95/month includes 30,000 results per query with the capacity to analyze 5,000 reports a day. This plan will also give you access to historical data.
  • The SEMrush Business Plan for $549.95/month includes 50,000 results for each query and can analyze around 10,000 reports in a day. The added benefit of this plan is that it is proficient with multi-user management.
  • There are also some SEMrush deals available that you can choose from. By choosing these plans you can save from $140 to $1,100 in a year.

Pricing is not one of the cheapest ends but the features it has to offer make it worth a buy. If you are not convinced and want to try it out first then they also offer a 14-Day trial on their website.

Is SEMrush Better Than Other Similar Tools?

If you have never used SEMrush before then you are missing out on a great and highly proficient tool! For everyone who has used this software, for them, SEMrush is like the Holy Grail for keyword search.

There are many alternatives available of SEMrush. Other tools like Wordstream SEO for Firefox, Google AdWords, and Moz will also provide you with a competitive analysis. So, why should you choose SEMrush over these tools? The benefits of using SEMrush will surprise you.

The tool is capable of doing things better and faster than its competitors. In other tools, the searching process is very time-consuming. If you like the keywords that the results show then you click on save. But, if the keywords are of no importance to you, then you will have to erase them and start all over again. However, you can easily view all the analytics quicker just by entering SEMrush.

If you are trying to narrow searches then the process will become very frustrating for you. Therefore, by a very fine margin, SEMrush is better than other tools.

Is It Simple To Use?

SEMrush is a simple way to monetize your website. There is no rocket science involved in its operation. It will help you build a profitable marketing campaign by saving you from any form of guess work. A lot of time, efforts and money is spent by online marketers to find the most effective and profitable idea or strategy.

But there is always an easier way out. The utilization of data followed by planning will enable you to launch successful marketing campaigns. You will be able to eliminate all the guess work, simply by looking at your top competitors. You will have access to all behind-the-scene action with SEMrush!

Here are some of the most commonly used and useful features of SEMrush:

  • You will have access to the most profitable keywords used by the competitors.
  • The tool will help you identify the landing pages and ad copies that are most effective and generating the most sales.
  • The tool will help you come up with ideas to drive higher traffic.
  • You can have access to opportunities to have high quality backlinks.
  • You will be able to get actionable insights and build data visualizations.

It might seem a bit complicated for non-technical users but once you get a hang of it, you will be glad that you started using it. All you have to do is collect benchmark data and get started!

Pros Of SEMrush

The acronym SEM in SEMrush stands for seamless interface to AdWords data (Just joking, it is Search Engine Marketing). This tool goes way beyond that in technicality and content assessment.

  • Volume changes and difficulty changes can be searched with the trends over time.
  • View how that specific keyword is being searched by different countries.
  • Over a 100 URL’s that rank for the keyword can be searched for and then clicked on.
  • Samples of ads of the used targeted keywords can be seen.
  • Visual product ads can be viewed.
  • Trends of the ads can be seen.
  • History of the ads can be viewed over time.
  • The CPC distribution can be checked by country and search engine.
  • Analytics can be viewed on desktops as well as mobile phones.

Cons Of SEMrush

There are a number of benefits of using SEMrush. However, as there are pros, there are also a few cons users using SEMrush will have to deal with.

  • Some features are unavailable in the current version of SEMrush. Nonetheless, with time there will be advances in the tool.
  • The accuracy of the data is debatable.
  • Some minor issues have also been encountered with back link
  • If you have a light hearted data mind then the search results might be a bit overwhelming for you. As more data equals to a more complex interface.
  • Even though SEMrush offers three different subscription plans, pricing may be a little higher than other similar tools but again, even if you are paying higher price, the value you get for your money is also higher.
  • It takes time to get familiar with. Therefore, it is not one of the best options for casual users. Fortunately, several FAQ’s and video tutorials are available over the internet that can help you become a pro user in no time.

What Users Are Saying About SEMrush?

Most users claimed that this product is the easiest way to get a quick view of what your competitors are doing. All you need is the URL and Keyword and SEMrush takes charge from there. The tool is easy to use and the data is more or less very close to accuracy.

For the SEO marketer or technical data nerd, SEMrush is a powerful and data rich tool. Actionable metrics, in-depth analysis and robust nature, are a few of its pros. The user community is being well supported by this tool.

It has become a favorite tool for many companies. The content team pf many established companies uses it to find topics best for their copy. It helps them focus on specific keywords and phrases which later add on to the traffic on their websites.

SEMrush is the go-to tool for many content writers. They use it for accuracy in their keyword search. The tool is a robust technology and makes reporting a piece of cake.

Is It Popular?

SEMrush is the first approach for website owners and content writers in countries like USA, UK, France Denmark and 26 other countries. The popularity of a software can be calculated by the number of reviews and volume of monthly trafficking. Many users unanimously gave it a 5 out of 5 star rating because of the convenience.

In terms of monthly traffic, it is one of the leading SEO services on the internet. The website is ranked among the top 1300 most visited websites in the world. also shows that the traffic almost doubles in last 6 months which shows it is getting popular among users.

Similarly, another popular web traffic tool, SimilarWeb, shows that the website received more than 7 million visitors in the month of September 2016 which is a huge number for a niche based website. These figures alone reflect that it is one of the most popular SEO online tool on the internet.

The Final Word

This product is definitely the best choice for you, if you are looking for a service that does exactly what it advertises, not more, not less. If your website is ranked among the top 1300 most visited websites in the world and attracts more than 7 million monthly traffic, you must be doing something right. The only reason for its popularity is that it is amazing at what it does.

It is one of the most feature-heavy SEO research and marketing tool available for users. It offers an impressive breakdown of data, keyword database and many other useful tools like domain vs domain.

It might not be one of the best choices out there for many. But who have had the benefit of trying it out will state otherwise?