SEnuke TNG Review

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SEnuke TNG – is this the SEO solution you are always looking for? If you own an active website or a blog, you must be looking for ways to increase the traffic all the time. You must have tried different SEO approaches to increase the traffic but are you still struggling with the below par results? The problem is, SEO is a very detailed process that consumes a lot of time which is a real obstacle for small and medium business owners or bloggers.

The second solution is outsourcing the SEO campaign but again, can every small business or blogger afford it? Is there any third cost-effective and viable option available for the bloggers, small and medium business owners? Fortunately – YES – there is in the form of Senuke which is now Senuke TNG with their updated release.

So what is it? How does it help your SEO campaign? Is it popular? What are the benefits and what are the cons of using this new tool? Is it cost effective and efficient solution for small and medium businesses?

We will learn the answer to all these questions in this review so read ahead.

Table Of Contents

01. What is SEnuke TNG?
02. SEnuke TNG – An Introduction
03. The Pricing
04. Is SEnuke TNG Better Than Other Similar Tools?
05. Is It Simple To Use?
06. Pros of SEnuke TNG
07. Cons of SEnuke TNG
08. What Users Are Saying About The SEnuke TNG?
09. Is It Popular?
10. The Final Word

What is SEnuke TNG?

Senuke is an SEO package which was first introduced in 2008. Since then, the online tool offered multiple upgrades out of which, SEnuke TNG is the latest. It promises to build your SERP rankings on all major search engines including Google and Bing. This ultimately translates into higher traffic to the website or a blog. The online SEO tool claims that it includes everything a blogger or a website owner needs for SEO.

But are all these promises true? We will learn the truth in next few minutes. Keep reading!

SEnuke TNG – An Introduction

SEnuke TNG is an ultimate SEO package that includes everything and all the necessary and up-to-date tools that can help you improve your search engine rankings. It is most popular among bloggers as most of its features are designed to cater to the needs of bloggers but it can work equally well if you own a website or an e-commerce store with a blog.

So what does it include? A lot of tools to start with. The tools allow you to quickly build quality backlinks and optimize your blog or website better around the keyword you are targeting. The popular tools offered by the package include:

  • Built in Proxies
  • Blog Network Module
  • Crowd Searcher
  • Built in OCR
  • Loop Mode for creating automated backlinks.
  • SuperFast Turbo Wizard for setting up SEO campaigns within seconds.
  • Powerful Scheduler that does things on its own.

And much more like module for Local SEO, Powerful Macro Recorder, Promotion Strategy Recorder, etc.

The Pricing

Well, pricing is not at the cheapest end but it is also not among the most expensive of such tools. The tool offers an option to customers to choose from the two payment plans which include SENuke TNG Lite and Senuke TNG Pro.

  • Senuke TNG Lite is offered for $67/month which is a very competitive price but you have to miss a lot of stuff that is offered with their other, more expensive package. In total, the subscription offers access to 7 out of 21 total features and tools.
  • Senuke TNG Pro is offered for $147/month which is almost double than the other plan but it offers access to all 21 features and tools offered by SEnuke TNG. It is recommended for those who are running an extensive SEO campaign or multiple SEO campaigns.

Is SEnuke TNG Better Than Other Similar Tools?

Well, one thing that makes SEnuke TNG better than the other similar SEO solutions is the use of white hat techniques and the ways that are either approved by Search Engines or are too good to be tracked by Google algorithms. With the latest update, Senuke makes sure that all the techniques implemented by the online tool are approved by Google. This is one major issue with such tools as some of them end up penalized by Google trying to move up in the rankings the wrong way.

So if you are using SEnuke TNG, you don’t have to worry about the Google penalties. Other than that, the 21 different tools and features it offers under its Pro subscription plan is also among the highest number of tools in the industry.

Is It Simple To Use?

Well, as there are more than 20 different tools and features offered that can be used in a range of ways to boost your search engine rankings, there is a learning curve involved. Even when the user interface is extremely user-friendly, you still have to look for resources to get started.

But the good thing is – SEnuke TNG offers 20 in-depth tutorials to help you with everything you need to learn about the tools. Other than that, the official website also features a forum with answers to every single concern you may have.

Here are the more commonly used and most useful tools and features:

Crowd Search

This new feature is included with the new update. Well, frankly, the system is designed to trick Google as it offers visits from traffic that searches the same keyword you are optimizing your website for. The software makes sure that visits you get stays at the website and view multiple pages. This way, it decreases the bounce rate, increase the page views and makes Google believe that your website provides the value for the keyword that people are searching for.

Rank Domination

With SEnuke TNG, you can actually plan for rank domination in addition to improvement in SERPs rankings. There are tools that are designed to create backlinks for you from the authority and industry relevant websites, to lower the bounce rate, to increase the keyword based traffic, and all this by the use of automated For example, the SEnuke TNG Scheduler performs all tasks on its own that are assigned.

Tools for Traffic Analysis

There are tools that also offer you to analyze the traffic and data to plan your SEO campaign. It also increases the traffic engagement.

So what does all these tools and features achieve for you in the end? A lot. As describe above, other than providing you traffic through their crowd search tool to impress Google and creating relevant backlinks that are actually counted as a positive vote in your website’s favor by

Google, you can also enjoy some other benefits

For example, with the tools provided, you can fully optimize SEO campaigns with a very little to do at your end once you have set up the initial tasks. The tool will also create social links and establish the website or blog as an authority in the industry. You also get unlimited proxies, all verified along with looping campaigns.

The best thing is, you can use the combination of these tools in a range of different ways according to your needs, so there is a lot more you can get by setting up your own customized campaigns.

Pros of SEnuke TNG

There is a lot of positive you can take from SEnuke TNG. Some of the most visible pros are listed here.

  • You can have an access to unlimited number of verified proxies as well as emails.
  • Provides you help to create a quality content for your blog.
  • It provides quick results as you can see the rankings building up within weeks.
  • With SEnuke TNG, you don’t need to buy captchas as it offers it’s own.
  • It is compatible with Window 10.
  • It effectively tricks Google through its Crowd Search feature into lowering your bounce rate and increasing your click rate and page views.

Cons of SEnuke TNG

Are there any cons? Yes, there are but very few.

  • There is a learning curve involved. SEnuke is a huge SEO package with tons of tools included. You can’t just start immediately with the tool especially if you are new to SEO. You may need to watch the 20+ high-quality videos Senuke produced for their users to make things easier for them. On the other hand, you can find it very easy to use within a couple of days.
  • In terms of price, it is comparatively expensive than many other SEO packages available on the internet. But again, there are not many that offer such detailed products, guaranteed and quick results. As far as value offered against the money, Senuke is still very cost-effective.

Other than that, it is all good with the SEnuke TNG.

What Users Are Saying About The SEnuke TNG?

We are satisfied and happy with our experience with the SEnuke TNG so far, but what about the other users? What about the ratings it received on review websites? Well, the answer is pretty good.

On the popular SEO forum – Warrior Forum – it is rated as the best option available for bloggers. According to one member, it not helps users to improve their search engine rankings, but it actually makes them dominate the rankings.

The tool was also compared with many similar products and was rated as the best but also more costly than many other options. But most users claimed that they get a good value for what they paid for. According to the Warrior Forum members, the tool was ranked among the top 2 SEO tools for the SEO community along with GSA.

Is everyone satisfied? No, not all. The problem is, there are many in the SEO community who are against the SEO tools no matter how good they are. The reason? Because these tools are putting them out of work. So there is a hate intended towards the tool on forums with people recommending manual link buildings but most of such posts are from those who have never used the tool. We still have to read a review from an actual user who has something bad to say about their experience with SEnuke TNG.

Other than review websites and forums, SEnuke TNG also enjoys a good reputation on many SEO blogs.

So as far as the online feedback is concerned, it is an at least 4.5 out of 5-star product for the users.

Is It Popular?

So how do we measure the popularity of the website or an online tool? Well, one easy way is to find out about the number of reviews and the monthly traffic visiting the website.

The number of reviews by their customers are easily available on different review websites which show they have a lot of customers who are actually using their product.

On the other hand, the statistics related to their monthly traffic tells a slightly different story. According to SimilarWeb, the website was visited by 71 thousand visitors in the month of September which is not bad for an SEO tool, but there is also something alarming. The same website was visited by more than 300 thousand visitors in the month of April. This is some sharp decline in just 6 months.

Alexa also tells the same story. In the month of April, the website climbed to top 50 thousand most visited websites in the word but dropped to the rank of 74th thousand most visited website in the world. So are they losing their customers? It is too early to say but it is a fact that the website has lost some solid traffic in the last few months.

But still, with more than 70 thousand monthly visitors, the website is still rated as popular. According to the Senuke’s own published statistics, the tool is currently used by more than 5000 customers.

The Final Word

Is it good? For sure, YES. Is it the best? Probably, YES. Is it better than the $15-$20/hour SEO specialist, probably not but when it comes to the value offered for the money, this is among the best options available for you in the industry.

This is a one-stop SEO package for you with everything you need under one single platform. With this, you don’t have to look for any other SEO tools or plugins. So it saves money and time for sure.

All in all, SEnuke TNG is recommended by us based on our research and our own experience with the tool. There is no harm in trying it as you can get a full refund if you don’t like it for any reason and if want to discontinue within 30 days.