SEO Optimization

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Getting your website to rank higher in the search engines and draw in targeted traffic is much more difficult today than it was just a few short years ago, because huge numbers of people – everyone from soccer moms to worldwide corporations are getting in on Internet marketing.

You not only have to compete with small and large businesses in your niche, but you also have to compete with bloggers, stay-at-home moms and part-time article marketers too. Today, even low-volume keywords that nobody was targeting a year ago can be difficult to rank for, and you can forget about most of the juicy, high-volume, high-competition search terms.

Ranking for those more competitive keywords is a waste of time, unless you are able to make use of the latest cutting edge SEO optimization and link-building techniques.

Link Types: Blog And Forum Comments

Manually building high-quality comment links on blogs and forums in your niche is a valuable practice and a great place to begin your backlinking efforts, but it can be extremely time consuming – and boring! Many businesses and Internet marketers will hire a SEO optimization company who will handle this menial task for them, freeing up their limited time for more valuable projects.

Link Types: Blog Guest Posts

Guest posting on blogs in your niche is one of the most effective SEO optimization tactics in your arsenal, but it can also be extremely difficult and time-consuming to accomplish. Websites with high page-rank will pass the most link juice to your website, but getting your post approved can take weeks or months on the most popular sites – if your post gets approved at all. And manually submitting guest posts to dozens or even hundreds of blogs will take you forever, so be prepared to pursue this as a long-term strategy.

SEO Optimization Strategy: Link Relevance

Relevancy is extremely important for SEO optimization efforts, not only when it comes to your own content, but with off-site SEO as well. To be effective — and to maintain that effectiveness for the long-term — backlinks to your site must be relevant. Guest posts and comments should be relevant to the sites they’re posted on and relevant to the sites to which they’re linking. Posting spam (links that are unrelated to the content in which they appear) is no longer the effective tactic that it once was and will likely get you penalized.

SEO Optimization Strategy: Link Speed

The speed at which links are built is also important. When Google sees a site gaining 200 links on the first Monday of every month, it will recognize those links as unnatural and is likely to penalize the sites on which they appear along with the sites to which they are pointing. So any SEO optimization company that you employ for link-building will need to be aware of the importance of maintaining a link profile that looks natural and will build those links more gradually.

SEO Optimization Company Services

  • Many businesses will turn to a SEO optimization company for obtaining relevant, high-quality links from blogs, forums, and social media. Only you can determine whether such services are necessary for your business, but many clients find the return on investment to be more than satisfactory.
  • Before hiring any SEO optimization company, be sure to thoroughly research each company’s methods and track record to ensure that your marketing expenses will be well spent.