Social Monkee Review

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Socialmonkee is a book marking tool which uses a Firefox plugin. This socialmonkee tool enables a person to bookmark a website and this is done by submitting a URL from the site. The tool helps build 25 backlinks every day.

This boosts the existing backlink. By boosting the backlinks, the search ranking improves greatly and then more traffic is brought to you backlink. For a small fee of 7 dollars, provides this service. The reason a small fee is required is because it helps cover the hosting and maintenance expenses. This also allows legitimate members who are serious about their business to join.

How they can help a business?

Socialmonkee helps a business by building and indexing backlinks. Building a backlink on a site can take hours and usually have very few positive results to no results at all. With socialmonkee building a backlink is quick and easy, leaving time for other tasks. Besides building 25 back links a day, there is also the opportunity with socialmonkee’s help to make a commission on a referral upgrade. By the business submitting the 25 backlinks a day, it enables the search ranking to improve and get better. This means to more traffic, which then means more leads and then the result is a whole lot of sales. Socialmonkee allows backlinks to be used from many different sites and many different IP addresses. That is 750 backlinks a month with the option to upgrade and get more backlinks.

How does it work?

  • The first thing to do is install Firefox. Open the browser once the installation is complete. Search for the page that the business wants to promote. Click on the monkee head on the add -on bar.
  • The Firefox plugin will pre-populate the fields. Then the business is able to check the URL’s title and description. A category should be chosen.
  • Once a category is chosen, hit the preview and submit button.
  • There is also the option to submit the URL from the website using their online submission form. Socialmonkee uses the best spinner and spin re writers to spin the description quickly and backlinks indexers are made faster with the spinner as well.
  • This tool is a great way for a business to get more traffic to their website, while at they make more money. It is a win for the business and for socialmonkee.