The Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation

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If you want your customers to be able to find you, search engine optimisation can help you like nothing else. Most people use search engines to find businesses and services for which they are seeking. If you think about your own behaviour online, you will probably notice that you do the same thing.

  • There are really only two effective ways to get your business noticed online. One is to use paid advertising. The problem with this approach is that advertising is always risky. You can spend money on ads and get little or no results. It can take lots of testing and tweaking to learn how to advertise profitably. Then, you have to keep advertising permanently to keep the profits rolling in.
  • Search engine optimisation, on the other hand, is a cumulative process where you rank higher and higher in the search engines. It takes a certain amount of work and know-how to get your site ranked, but that’s why SEO companies are around. They can help you rank your business and website for certain keywords, so that your prospective customers can find you.
  • There’s another advantage that search engine optimisation has over paid advertising. People usually trust results that they find themselves. While ads can still be effective, people often have a certain resistance to them. We are all so overexposed to ads that we often tune them out. Even when we do read, watch or listen to them, we are often skeptical of the claims.

When people find a site organically, however (that is, by finding it in search results), they feel like they are simply locating information. This gives the website a greater degree of credibility than an ad.

Types of Search Engine Optimisation

There are a few different approaches to SEO. One is to rank for the main keywords in your field or industry. If you are selling a diet program, for example, you can try to rank for terms like “diets” or “weight loss.” This can be challenging, as these are extremely competitive terms.

Another approach is to engage in niche marketing, where you target what are called long tail keywords. To return to the example of dieting, you might try to rank highly for a more specialised term such as “low carb diets.” In truth, even this is quite competitive and it was just given as an example, Niche marketing can be broad or extremely targeted, depending on your goals and budget.

Still another way to utilise search engine optimisation is to target local searches. If your business is primarily a traditional, brick and mortar business, you will be targeting people who live in your area. Google and other search engines now show local results as well as global ones.

The advantage to local marketing is that it’s much easier to rank for local terms, where your competition is limited. Let’s suppose, for instance, that your business is a florist. Rather than ranking for the very competitive term “florist,” you could aim for “my city + florist,” which is much more viable. It also ensures that the people you are trying to reach will see your listing.

The Advantages to Search Engine Optimisation

Hiring an SEO company can be beneficial for the long term success of your business. You can consult with the company and work out a strategy that fits with your needs and budget.

No matter what other promotional strategies your are using, it’s essential to do some type of search engine optimisation if you have a website.