The Importance of Linkbuilding Online

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When you have a website or you want to improve your overall online presence, doing so is possible with a few tactics and techniques, including linkbuilding. Linkbuilding is the process of sharing your website’s link using different methods, helping to increase the exposure you receive and the number of visitors you can appeal to when you are online.

Why is Linkbuilding Important?

Linkbuilding is important for all websites and individuals who want to expand their online presence. Using links helps to increase visibility within search engines which is ideal if you want to increase the number of page views and visitors a website receives.

Submitting Your Links to Online Directories

One way to get involved with linkbuilding is to begin submitting your website’s links into online directories yourself. There are hundreds and thousands of free online directories that are based on the industry your website represents. Submitting your links into directories helps other search engines such as Yahoo!, Bing and even Google to pick the website up and implement it within search results that are relevant to your content.

The more frequently you add your links within various online directories, the more exposure you can gain without investing in traditional marketing and advertising strategies. You can add your links to directories that represent the industry you are in or other directories that share the same type of content, services or products that you provide. However, it is important to avoid spamming link directories by reading the rules of submitting your link. If you begin spamming your link in blog comments and within directories, you can ultimately become “blacklisted”. Being blacklisted by search engines essentially means your website is removed entirely from search results, which can drastically reduce the number of page views and visitors you receive.

Link-Swapping is Linkbuilding

Another way to boost your website’s visibility within search engines and other online communities is to get involved with link-swapping. Swapping links with similar websites or websites that provide relevant content to your own site helps to gain exposure, build an online reputation and gain credibility regardless of the industry you are representing.

Use Videos and Photos to Build Your Links

Uploading photos and videos to your site and online communities with proper tags and links that send visitors to your website will help with keeping them engaged while boosting your site’s overall popularity. Inserting relevant meta tags into photos and sharing your website’s links within video descriptions will help you when you want to get involved with linkbuilding.

Content is Still King

  • Providing high-quality content is still necessary when you want to truly grow a website of any kind. When you have high-quality content, your return visitor rate will increase along with the number of page views and visitors you receive on a regular basis.
  • Providing insightful, entertaining, useful and unique content is a way to stand out against competing websites, giving you an advantage on becoming more popular and well-known online.
  • Understanding how to properly build your website with links is a way for you to truly gain a competitive edge and advantage over other websites that are similar or that share the same type of content.
  • Staying actively involved with submitting links to directories and swapping links with affiliates is a way for you to stay ahead of others who are also interested in attracting the same audience.