Understanding Keyword Choice from SEO Company Results

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Choosing accurate keywords when optimizing a website’s content requires close attention and research since the right keywords will deliver a website right into the waiting hands of potential customers. Best practices for accurate search term choice might not land a website at the top of search results immediately, but a rise to the top of searches should occur naturally over time with proper keyword choices.

Smart business and website owners must be able to engage in smart dialogue with their SEO company to ensure the most accurate keyword choice. This means understanding the common processes used for choosing keywords and knowing how to read the results of searches after keyword implementation.

Questions to Ask while Choosing Keywords

There are a few tools online to assist with keyword choice, such as the Google Keyword Tool, which is part of the company’s Adwords paid search result program, but running this tool shouldn’t be the only project accomplished during the keyword research phase with the SEO company. A website owner must consider the following questions regarding keyword choice before the initial list finds its way to the internet marketing team for further evaluation:

1. Are the search terms applicable to site content?
2. Do the search terms define exactly what is on a page?
3. Is a keyword too obscure to provide real value?
4. Do competitors experience success with this keyword?

The Value of Accurate Keyword Phrases

Endless keyword combinations and phrases exist, but just because a keyword is exceptionally popular, that doesn’t mean that it provides true value to a company trying to sell a particular product. The reason why specific keywords often provide higher conversion is because an individual who has already done the research on their topic and is close to making a purchase. He or she may use more specific terms when looking for exactly what he or she wants.

This means that a company that happens to sell car air fresheners that smell like the ocean will get more traction out of a keyword phrase like “ocean scented car air freshener” than the generic term of “air freshener.” There are tons of people looking for air fresheners, but that general search will provide lower sales conversion value than a more specific set of keywords.

Understanding Personalized Searches

After working with an SEO company to define proper search terms and implementing those choices into the website’s coding, the internet marketing company will provide the results of those keyword terms in a report. What often happens to new website owners is that a company owner might check on those searches on their own and find that the search results are a little different than what the SEO company provided.

The reason for this is due to the sign-in feature on Google that the company associates with standard Gmail accounts. When a website owner signs into Google with an account, Google personalizes the search results for that specific user based upon the last 6 months of web activity on that account.

Properly checking keywords requires signing out of Google or Gmail and performing an anonymous search. In addition, it’s important to consider the location for which Google might be offering results. If a company offers services nationwide in the United States, it’s important to change the search to a generalized United States location.

  • Over the years, optimization techniques used by the average SEO company have advanced greatly within internet marketing, but as a website owner it’s important to come to keyword discussions with an understanding of how keywords work.
  • Valuable, organic search engine growth begins and ends with great keyword choice.