What is SEO?

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If you own a business and have a website, or are thinking about starting one, you have probably heard the term “SEO” before. Just what is SEO, though? It is actually an acronym that stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, and it is used daily by websites all over the world to try and attract internet traffic. You literally cannot run a successful website without some sort of SEO content, so it would be helpful to educate yourself on all of the basics before going out and starting your site. Once you have a handle on the SEO definition and why it’s important, you will have already taken the first step toward making your site a success.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the art of using keywords and keyword phrases to manipulate search engines into putting your website at the top of the search results pages whenever a potential customer searches for those specific keywords or phrases. You do this by putting the keywords on your website in strategic places. For instance, one of the keywords for this article is “what is SEO”, so you will see that phrase not only in the title but in other places throughout the article. When you searched “what is SEO” on Google or any other search engine, this article will be at the top of the page because the search engine determined that this article was relevant to your search for the SEO definition.

SEO Definition: Keyword Density

Just because you know the SEO definition doesn’t mean you know all there is to know about search engine optimization. You can’t just stuff your page with keywords and expect customers to start pouring in. You have to manage what is called “keyword density”. As the name suggests, this how dense your keywords are in your article. Search engines are looking for relevant content to provide to searchers, and if you have too many keywords it will determine that you are simply spamming the word for views and will not list your site. The same goes for too few keywords. The goal is to keep your density between 1 and 3%, so 1-3 keywords per 100 words in your article.

What is SEO: SEO Attracts Customers, Quality Content Keeps Them

  • In addition, you can’t write articles for the sole purpose of SEO.
  • If you don’t provide your visitors with quality content, they will see through your attempts and back out of the website to look for another one.
  • For instance, if this “What is search engine optimization” article was an excuse to draw views, but there was no actual information that told you what search engine optimization was, you would go search for another site which did give you that information.
  • So instead of just filling an article with “what is search engine optimization”, the goal is to actually teach you about search engine optimization so that you get the relevant, quality content that you are looking for.

What is Search Engine Optimization: Using SEO to Your Advantage

While you were drawn to the site by your search for “what is SEO” thanks to keyword density, you now know the SEO definition and are ready to start crafting your own articles. Whether your keyword is “what is search engine optimization” or “carpentry in Denver”, these concepts should be followed to ensure success.